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     The luckiest, most fortunate people on the face of the earth are those of us who work in the schools.
     We see the shine of enthusiasm in the eyes of our little ones. We see the spirit of hope in the faces of blooming adolescence. We see the challenge and optimism of our young ladies and gentlemen who will graduate in coming years.
     There can be no finer occupation than working with youngsters, observing their triumphs and defeats, praising their success and helping to lead youngsters down the path of discovery. That is why we are the most fortunate people and indeed that answers the question, what is a school?
     Each school is its people, working to lead, to teach, to feed and to bus and to clean rooms.
     We are public employees, to be sure, but we are also human, subject to human frailties. When we come to work and deal with children, we forget our problems; we learn and continue to learn lessons from the experiences of our children. We, who work in your school, are continually renewed by the innocence of youth.
     Where else can a person help another person to grow and in doing so help our society to grow and expand?
    We are fortunate, indeed. Thank you for allowing us to work with your children. We appreciate your trust and hope you realize, as I do, that a school is its people.
We couldn’t be luckier.
     Our schools are beginning the fall activity season. Over 50,000 students are involved in the fall activity programs for the A and B Squad, sophomore and junior varsity levels in volleyball, tennis, cross country, soccer, swimming and football. Cheerleader squads and the bands in each of the member schools support these student athletes. Great things are happening.
      Research studies tell us that in Minnesota’s high schools those students who participate in League activity programs do better in their academic programs and have better daily attendance at school than an average of the school population. The Great Thing about our activity and academic programs is that they contribute to our primary mission: to lead our students to build a better world.
      “How to build a better world? Not by chart or plan. But teach the boy how to be a better man.” (Ralph Abernathy, Southern Christian Leadership Conference).

Be good, wave to a neighbor and cherish your children.

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