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What Reviewers said…

About Shinar, My Love (the 2016 novel by Marty Duncan)

“Set in ancient Sumeria, "Shin'ar, My   Love: Love Among the Ruins" is a deftly crafted and riveting read …[and] is unreservedly recommended as an enduringly popular addition to community library Historical Fiction collections.”

--  Midwest Book Review - 2016

About Gold …then Iron (the 2003 novel by Marty Duncan)

“…a fascinating tale of the second search for ‘gold’ on Minnesota’s Iron Range…The fictional plot is woven around the lives of real spies and officers who were part of British, American and Japanese Intelligence in the deadly years surrounding 1938. The author invites “the readers of this sweeping mystery to pick up the loose ends and discover where the Golden Eagle was hidden.”

--  Mary George, Lake Superior Maritime Museum

About Iron Lake Burning (the 2003 novel by Marty Duncan)

“I couldn’t put the book down. I found the story very well written, well crafted, and extremely poignant. For me to finish a book in three days is wondrous…”

-   R.Y. in Ellensburg, WA   

“A great story and one in which any school superintendent, past or present, could identify. It is also one, which anyone who aspires to the role should read."

-   Dr. R. U. in Mankato, MN


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