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     In May, in a little town called Deptford, up the river near London, a member of the Queen’s Secret Service was ‘killed’ in an act of self-defense. He was recruited for his good looks and his ability with languages. He was recruited while still in college by Sir Thomas Wallsingham, director of the Queen’s Secret Service. When the Dons balked at graduating him, an important personage intervened and he was graduated.
      He went on to write plays and poetry. He wrote a series of sonnets that were dedicated to his mentor. He worked in the field, spying in France and Holland. His sonnets caused quite a stir. He could not openly dedicate the poems to his male friend without raising the specter of homosexuality. The man who set the type for the Dedicatory to ‘Shakespeare’s Sonnets’ put in two initials, ‘Mr. W. H.’ and left the civilized world with a mystery.
      The agent who was ‘killed’ was Christopher Marlowe, author of Faustus and Tamberlaine and other plays. He died where the Queen’s Coroner could sign a death certificate, where 25 persons he never met could swear that ‘Yes, indeed’ the man who died was Christopher Marlowe. It is my contention that he went to Italy and wrote his most famous plays while living in obscurity, allowing an actor to take credit for eight of his 36 plays.
      The Dedicatory to the Sonnets is set in three triangles that point to the middle! Look down the middle for yourself. Do you see ‘HE IS’ and a ‘Y’ above a ‘V’ that points at ‘HE IS’ (backward in the word WISHETH) just above the third triangle where the typesetter tried to hint at the name of Christopher Marlowe’s lover and mentor? Take WELL-WISHING and remove the second WI and the H. The word almost spells WELL-SING, a cryptic analog for WallsingHam, the ‘Mr. W.H.’ who would lose his head if anyone found out he staged an ‘accident’ in 1592 and Marlowe was in Italy.

                       Mr.W.H. ALL.HAPPINESS.

This dedication is set exactly as set in 1591. Draw your own conclusions.

Be good, wave to a neighbor and cherish your children.

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