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     Marty Duncan taught English and Journalism in Fairmont, Minnesota before becoming a school superintendent in Amboy, then Howard Lake, then Olivia. His most recent posting was at Greenway, on Minnesota’s Iron Range. The history of immigrant miners and their contribution to iron mining prompted the writing of Gold …then Iron. A second strong influence was The Rape of Nanking, by Iris Chang, which occurred in 1937, months before the opening of Gold …then Iron.

     During the past ten years, Mr. Duncan has continued his service to children by serving on his local school board, serves as Treasurer, and received the Director Award from the Minnesota School Board Association. Marty plays Texas Hold 'em when he can, and holds the status of Serious Semi-Pro. His player name is IrishuLuckMN.

You may contact Marty at:


     An enthusiastic teacher of writing, who taught Creative Writing, Writing & Composition and Journalism, Mr. Duncan recently finished the editing on his trilogy Black Powder, Gray Hope - Book I: Vengeance; Book II: A Civil War Romance and Book III: New Americans. His latest novels are The Pilot's Mate (to be published in May, 2016) and Shin'ar, My Love to follow at an as yet unspecified later date.

Mr. Duncan is a Vietnam Era Veteran, a member of Lions International and American Legion, Marty and Carolynn will celebrate their 50th Anniversary in 2016.

  • Gold ...then Iron (2003): Three naval officers search for lost religious artifact
  •  Iron Lake Burning (2003): Power and prejudice during MN’s longest teacher strike
  • Black Powder, Gray Hope: a Trilogy of Civil War Hero
          * Book I: Vengeance (2010)-- Irish lass captured by angry Dakota warriors
        ** Book II: A Civil War Romance (2011)-- Patrick and the 5th Minnesota at Vicksburg
       *** Book III: New Americans (2011-- Patrick & Kelsey battle locusts and local prejudice
  • The Pilot's Mate (May, 2016): A royal princess leads her people in emigrating from Mars to Earth. (The emigration is fictional) Celiste accepts Deem as her mate; he is a shuttle pilot. Celiste and her squad of women are warned; they prepare a 'safe cave' in the mountains. Celiste sees the 'angry, black cloud' as it blooms above Sodom. After 70 days absence her mate Deem must find a way to prove his love for Celiste.
  • Shin'ar, My Love (Publication TBD):  Celi works with her adoptive 'grandfather' to rebuild a temple that was buried during a flood. She agrees to lead a squad of Beag (former gold mine slaves) to rebuild an abandoned village, Arad in southern Israel. She is warned war is imminent; Celi prepares with a safe zone in a deep cave. She sees the 'great black cloud' that blooms above Sodom. Her mate Deem is absent for 75 days while he shuttles the spouses and children of the Anunnaki lords out of harms way. His ultimate challenge is to find a way to prove his love for Celi.  The novel includes an annotated bibliography and EndNotes. The novel is historical fiction.

PAST TEACHING EXPERIENCE   (21 years as an administrator are not listed on this résumé.)

1989-1990 Teacher English Olivia high School
1971-1974 Teacher English & Journalism Fairmont Senior High School
1970-1971 Teacher Journalism & Photo Prescott, AZ High School
1969-1970 Teacher English & Journalism Pomona, CA High School
Member of The Loft Writer’s Group; Member of St. Peter Lions & American Legion; Member of Jaycees at Fairmont (1971-1974). Awarded Lifetime Membership in the MASA Foundation in 2001; member of MASA since 1977; President, Olivia Lions 1991-1992; President, Olivia Chamber of Commerce, 1989; President, Cross of Calvary Church, 1992; Director, Eagle Ridge Golf Course, 1995-2000; and member and Chairman of Itasca County Family Services Collaborative Board 1995-2000
NATIONAL SERVICE: Vietnam Era Veteran, U.S. Navy 1961-67

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